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  • A phenomenon, something to be talked about.

  • The hottest way to see New York!

  • THE RIDE takes full advantage of the natural excitement of New York City. It's eclectic inhabitant and electric atmosphere.

  • An adventure. A love letter to both New Yorkers & tourists.

  • An extravaganza spectacle that thrills!

  • A rock star sightseeing bus on steroids.

  • Spectacular. Fabulous. Delightful. Recommended.

  • Fasten your seat belts and embrace the city.

  • It rocks. It rolls. Surprises around every corner.

  • Ingenious...You haven't seen the city from this panoramic view. It's like watching a movie unfold live.

  • Completely innovative.

  • The standard old bus tour has been cleverly reinvented with this multimedia excursion that will delight tourists and New Yorkers alike.

  • The Tour, on a $1.5 million tour bus with coliseum-style seats that all face one window, offers a new perspective on New York City’s past and present.

  • An all-new immersive experience giving the old-fashioned tourist bus a multimillion-dollar high-tech reboot.

  • Inside stories and celebrity anecdotes are so plentiful that even native New Yorkers will be impressed. This is sightseeing at its best!

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Safety Advisory

*Countdown for promotional use only. SAFETY ADVISORY: THE RIDE AND THE TOUR COULD AGGRAVATE CERTAIN HEALTH CONDITIONS. The experience involves motion, sideways seating on the buses, constant starting and stopping, loud music, sound effects, theatrical and strobe lighting and multiple television screens. There is also a simulation which involves floor shaking, sudden tilting and jarring actions, in addition to loud sounds and flashing lights. NOT RECOMMENDED FOR GUESTS WITH: motion sickness or dizziness, sensitivity to strobe or other lighting effects, back, neck or similar physical conditions, heart conditions or high blood pressure, sensitivity to loud sounds. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE USE OF YOUR BEST JUDGMENT WHEN DECIDING TO TAKE THE RIDE OR THE TOUR. Not recommended for children under the age of 6. Children under 14 must be accompanied by an adult. All Children must be supervised. THE RIDE AND THE TOUR are not wheel chair accessible. Guest must be able to access seating with the assistance from another member of their party. Our staff may not assist you.

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