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Safety Advisory

SAFETY ADVISORY: THE RIDE, THE TOUR & THE DOWNTOWN EXPERIENCE COULD AGGRAVATE CERTAIN HEALTH CONDITIONS. The experience involves motion, sideways seating on the bus, constant starting and stopping, loud music, sounds effects, theatrical and strobe lighting, multiple television screens, and virtual reality moments specifically on THE DOWNTOWN EXPERIENCE. There is also a simulation which involved floor shaking, sudden tilting and jarring actions, in addition to loud sounds and flashing lights. THE RIDE, THE TOUR & THE DOWNTOWN EXPERIENCE are not recommended for guests with motion sickness or dizziness, sensitivity to strobe or other lighting effects, back, neck, or similar physical conditions, heart conditions or high blood pressure, or sensitivity to loud sounds. You are responsible for the use of your best judgements when deciding to experience our products. THE RIDE, THE TOUR & THE DOWNTOWN EXPERIENCE are not wheelchair or handicapped accessible. However, THE RIDE, LLC does try to accommodate passengers of all abilities, when possible. Disabled passengers would need to be able to ascend and descend 4 steps to board and deboard the bus, with assistance from members of their party. For liability reasons, THE RIDE, LLC staff is not allowed to assist, except in emergency. Folding wheelchair storage can be accommodated onboard or at the box office, depending on available space.

Join us this summer for our new live entertainment experience:  "THE RIDE's -Eyes On New York" , at Empire Outlets on Staten Island. A sit down, 60 minute family-friendly experience, that takes you on a journey with live entertainers through the last 12 months in NYC.

Treat you and your family to THE RIDE’s “Eyes on New York” performance that critics call “ astonishing,” “ exciting and spectacular.”  DC Metro Arts Magazine says:  “You will be amazed!"  The show highlights aerialists, ballerinas, contortionist and more for this 60-minute family-fun indoor event at Empire Outlets; New York city’s largest outdoor shopping destination.  

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